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Australian map made of steel Trying to compare rainwater tanks on the market and work out price differences??? Our Australian Aquaplate steel is produced to Australian potable water standards. Some imported steel does not meet standards. Our galvanised steel is Z600, specifically manufactured in Australia for rainwater tanks. Cheaper Z450 galvanised steel is not intended for rainwater tanks. Not all steel tanks are equal in quality.

The History of Compass Tanks

Bindon, Noel and Michael with the Bedford truck, 1993

Compass Tanks was established in October 1992. Bindon Burns, unemployed at the time, recognised a market demand for good quality, traditionally made rainwater tanks. An application was made to the South Australian government for financial assistance but was rejected on the grounds that the business would not be viable due to strong competition.

Undeterred, a meagre capital was borrowed and with the assistance of Noel Lennard, a tank maker with over 40 years' experience, the first tank rolled out of the workshop on 1 November 1992. In the first 12 months, Compass Tanks produced approximately 250 galvanised tanks.

Compass Tanks is a wholly South Australian owned and operated company, run by Bindon and Kristy Burns. Great pride is taken with the quality of workmanship and customer service is the highest priority. Tanks and garden beds are manufactured using only Australian steel, giving customers the peace of mind that they are purchasing a product which complies with Australian standards.

Compass Tanks Work Shop

Compass Tanks' customers can be confident they are dealing with a company with 21 years of experience and knowledge. Compass Tanks offers a free, no obligation quote service guaranteeing customers get the best tank size and style to suit their exact requirements.