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Base Prep

  1. Ensure the location of the tank is level, stable ground which has uniform compaction (free of soft spots). Tanks must not be located on fill. Locating large water tanks close to retaining walls or embankments needs to be done with caution to ensure the ground is capable of supporting the weight of the full tank (One litre of water weighs one kilogram.)
  2. Ensure the surface of the site is free from sharp objects or stones and is compacted.
  3. Spread a layer (approx. 100mm) of 3mm dolomite/crusher dust –evenly over the level ground, at least 150mm more than the diameter of the tank. Once it is compacted and level you may then place the tank directly on top of this material, galvanised tanks require a malthoid mat to protect the base of the tank. Aquaplate tanks have a protective coating on the base of the tank.
  4. Ensure the dolomite/crusher dust is contained under the tank at all times and cannot be washed away. This can be achieved by diverting all run-off water away from the site and retaining the dolomite/crusher dust with some form of retaining structure e.g. sleepers.
  5. For concrete slab applications, the slab must be at least 100mm wider than the base diameter of the tank and at least 100mm thick with a layer of re enforced mesh and a 32 mpa concrete mix. If in doubt of soil stability, you must consult a civil engineer and they will design the slab accordingly. Galvanised tanks will require malthoid mat to protect the base of the tank. Aquaplate tanks have a protective coating on the base of the tank.
  6. Ensure all plumbing from the outlet is well supported and cannot be knocked Rigid plumbing is not recommended. A flexible coupling ensures no strain is applied to the outlet.
  7. Ensure all overflows are plumbed away from the tank site to reduce the possibility of erosion. Your Compass Tank requires a little maintenance; check the site for any erosion and remove leaves and other debris from the roof and inlet regularly. Regular tank cleaning will prolong the life of your tank and maintain healthy water environment. Contact Compass Tanks for tank cleaning enquiries.

Malthoid is black tar matting. Malthoid is supplied with all our galvanised tanks and is placed under the tank to protect the base of the tank. Compass Tanks accepts no responsibility for the failure of a tank base if it has been situated on a timber base as timber can warp and rot away over time.