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Australian map made of steel Trying to compare rainwater tanks on the market and work out price differences??? Our Australian Aquaplate steel is produced to Australian potable water standards. Some imported steel does not meet standards. Our galvanised steel is Z600, specifically manufactured in Australia for rainwater tanks. Cheaper Z450 galvanised steel is not intended for rainwater tanks. Not all steel tanks are equal in quality.

Rainfall Calculator

Annual Rainfall (mms)
(see maps below)

Roof Area (M2)
(width by length)

Water Caught
(less 10% expected evaporation)

1961 - 1990 climotolgy chart for South Australia. Copyright Commonwealth of Australia, Bureau of Meteorology Map of Australia with average annual rainfall. Copyright Commonwealth of Australia

Data Source: Bureau Of Meteorology, South Australian Average Annual Rainfall, Commonwealth of Australia (online), 2012.