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Australian map made of steel Trying to compare rainwater tanks on the market and work out price differences??? Our Australian Aquaplate steel is produced to Australian potable water standards. Some imported steel does not meet standards. Our galvanised steel is Z600, specifically manufactured in Australia for rainwater tanks. Cheaper Z450 galvanised steel is not intended for rainwater tanks. Not all steel tanks are equal in quality.

Steel Flower, Herb and Vegetable Garden Beds

Raised Garden beds

Our range of garden beds is available in a selection of colours, sizes, shapes and heights. Manufactured from Aquaplate® (round and eco-beds) or galvanised iron (round only), steel tank-style garden beds are practical and attractive. The food grade polymer skin bonded on the inner surface of Aquaplate® , complies with Australian Standards for a plastic material approved for food contact use. Aquaplate® is available in a range of colorbond® colors.

Paper Bark ® Zinc ®
Pale Eucalypt ® Woodland Grey ®

Steel garden beds offer many benefits. Traditionally, raised garden beds have been constructed using materials like timber. Timber treated with CCA's are toxic and not suitable for vegetable beds. Hardwood timber sleepers are cumbersome and heavy and once in place, it is difficult to relocate the garden bed. In contrast, steel garden beds are light and sturdy. Unlike garden beds made with traditional materials like timber, our garden beds are easily handled. If you find you need to relocate your garden bed, simply remove the soil and lift your garden bed to its new location. This flexibility makes them ideal if you rent or shift house. Our raised garden beds are a stylish addition to any garden.

Specifications View the Specifications in pdf format

steel garden bedApart from looking fantastic, raised garden beds offer many benefits:

  • Soil temperature is warmer, especially in the cooler months enabling a longer growth period. Plants may grow much faster and larger in raised garden beds.
  • Prevents soil compaction as the beds can be laid out so there is no need to walk over the garden bed. This means the soil will stay aerated, non-compacted and healthy through many growing seasons.
  • Monitoring the soil condition is easier and making changes when appropriate is easier as it is a smaller and more easily controlled area.
  • Better drainage as the garden is raised up off the ground level.
  • Plants can be closer together as space in not needed for walking over the garden and all of the space can be used for planting.
  • Only water the actual garden itself, therefore no water is wasted on the exterior i.e. path or surrounding lawn. This is a huge issue when facing water restrictions - not one drop of water is wasted.
  • Easier to spread mulch as it is contained within the barriers of the raised garden bed.
  • Easier to reach plants in a raised garden bed. Raised gardens make it possible for people in wheelchairs to access the garden or for the elderly to garden without bending over. People with back problems benefit as they don't have to strain and stretch over the garden to tend it.
  • Making a raised bed can mean importing soil in order to fill the bed. Choose good-quality soil and improve it further with the right organic fertilizers and composts.
  • Raised garden beds help reduce weeding if all of the soil is new and uncontaminated with weeds to begin with. Raised beds tend to have more plants in less space than a traditional garden lay out , leaving less room for weeds. Weeds are easier to control.
  • It's easier to see produce (as well as weeds and pests) when the garden in raised, making it easier to take good care of the plants.
  • They are great for small plots to grow vegetables and / or flowers making them the ideal choice for inner city areas. Steel vegetable beds look great and allow for easy access and maintenance of your vegetable garden.
  • It is also easier to keep slugs and snails off the actual garden as the sides of the raised garden bed act as a barrier.

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Tiered Planter

The tiers are available separately allowing you to custom build the size or style that you want.

Minimum diameter: 450mm
Maximum diameter:2500mm

Available in galvanised steel, Aquaplate® or Colorbond® steel. They will be a feature in any garden!

  • Ideal for Strawberries
  • Great in gardens with limited space
  • Keeps plants off the ground.
  • Ideal for plants that love good ventilation
  • Tiers provide radiant heat for plants
  • Efficient to water
  • Increases soil warmth - ideal for winter vegies
  • Easy to control weeds
  • Sides act as a barrier to pests like snails.
  • Mulch/compost/manure are contained within the tiers
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Long lasting Australian steel
  • Available in galvanised, Aquaplate® or Colorbond® steel.
Paper Bark ® Zinc ®
Pale Eucalypt ® Woodland Grey ®

tiered planterstiered planterstiered planterstiered planters