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Australian map made of steel Trying to compare rainwater tanks on the market and work out price differences??? Our Australian Aquaplate steel is produced to Australian potable water standards. Some imported steel does not meet standards. Our galvanised steel is Z600, specifically manufactured in Australia for rainwater tanks. Cheaper Z450 galvanised steel is not intended for rainwater tanks. Not all steel tanks are equal in quality.

Poly-lined Steel Tanks

Riverland AM3G210 (Colour: Galvanised) with all fascias Aquamate Site Link Poly-lined Steel Tanks are suitable for large water storage. These tanks are built on site and lined with a polypropylene liner. They offer the best dollar per litre value available for large water storage. They require a stable, flat base, see site preparation , but will tolerate ground movement without cracking.

Compass Tanks are the Fleurieu Peninsula agents for Aquamate Tanks. The following information has been reproduced with permission from the Aquamate website.

Poly lined steel tanks are able to offer

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Transportability
  • Strength
  • Ease of construction
  • Reliability
  • Food Compatibility
polylined tank Angus Park Citrus, Barossa Valley, AM3G537 (Colour: Classic Cream) Angus Park Citrus, Riverland AM3G254 (Colour: Wilderness) Fire Fighting Tank Baillie Lodges 5 star resort KI 4 X AM3G254 (Colour: Woodland Grey) 12 in total on site Challenger Mine Site AM3G210 (Colour: Galvanised) got to look hard to spot the tank Riverland AM3G210 (Colour: Galvanised) with all fascias Stockport AM2G170 (Colour: Galvanised) with all fascias - NB only 2 rings high (1.5m) Some peanut that builds tanks! Queen Elizabeth Hospital 2 x AM3G773 (Colour: Woodland Grey) - NB 5 rings high (3.6m) Inghams Chickens Murray Bridge 2 x AM3G607 (Colour: Classic Cream) Trinity College Gawler AM3G537 (Colour: Wilderness) Rocland Winery Barossa Valley AM4G800 (Colour: Galvanised) NB 4 rings high (3.0m) Chicken Farm 5 x AM3G537 (Colour: Galvanised) Manoora AM3G472 (Colour: Galvanised) Kersbrook 2 x AM3G210 (Colour: Woodland Grey) Glenelg Golf Course 2 x AM3G537 (Colour: Wilderness)