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Bush Fire Disasters

These images have been taken to demonstrate the impact that a bushfire will have on different types of rainwater tanks.

Poly tanks are not suitable as fire protection tanks and polyethylene plastic is not fire retardant. It will melt in a bushfire.

Steel and concrete tanks are ideal as fire protection tanks as they are able to withstand the fire.

Why You Should Secure Your Tanks When It’s Empty

These images show what can, and will, happen to an empty tank. This is the reason why we always recommend that empty/unused tanks are tied down securely or left with enough water inside. Our advice is free! Three weeks after we delivered this tank, it was blown by the wind down a hill, through a fence and came to rest in a tree. It was un-repairable!

Another tank that was not tied down and blew around a paddock

The original split on the right hand side was repaired, however this repair compromised the integrity of the tank and a second split occured.

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