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Tank Liners

The only reliable and effective way to stop a leaking concrete tank is through the installation of a liner. While there are many products on the market that claim to fill in the cracks in the concrete, these are “bandaid” solutions and over time, the cracks will reopen.

We can supply and install high quality polypropylene liners that guarantee to extend the life of cracked concrete tanks. Polypropylene liners do not contain plasticisers therefore they do not become brittle and crack. Cheaper quality liners that do contain plasticisers can warp and fatigue with age and potentially the plasticiser chemicals can also leach into the tank water. Polypropylene liners do not fatigue or become brittle and being highly flexible, they mould to the contours of the tank floor and walls. Polyproylene liners are also free of BPA’s.

Our polypropylene liners meet all Australian standards for contact with potable water (drinking water for human consumption). Liners are custom made right here in South Australia to suit the exact tank measurements. During installation a geofabric is also supplied and installed on the floor of the tank as a protective underlay for the liner.

Unfortunately most brick tanks are not suitable to take liners due to the frangible qualities often found in old bricks.
A site visit is required to measure the tank and assess that it is suitable to take a liner. Please Contact Us

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