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Australian map made of steel Trying to compare rainwater tanks on the market and work out price differences??? Our Australian Aquaplate steel is produced to Australian potable water standards. Some imported steel does not meet standards. Our galvanised steel is Z600, specifically manufactured in Australia for rainwater tanks. Cheaper Z450 galvanised steel is not intended for rainwater tanks. Not all steel tanks are equal in quality.

Tank Liners & Re-Roofing

Tank Liners

A polypropylene liner can extend the life of cracked concrete tanks and leaking galvanised tanks. However, suitability is dependant on the condition of the tank and each tank must be assessed before installation.

Polypropylene liners meet Australian standards for contact with potable water as well as being suitable stock, fire and grey water. Being highly flexible, they mould to the contours of the tank floor and walls. Liners which contain plasticizers will become brittle over time as the plasticizers will eventually leach out. Polypropylene liners do not contain plasticizers; therefore they will never become brittle and will retain their flexibility indefinitely. Polypropylene does not become fatigued like other types of tank liners and is UV resistant .

A polypropylene liner can extend the usable life of a tank. However, in some circumstances it will out live the life span of a tank. This is potentially dangerous if the external structure of the tank weakens.

For example: An old galvanised tank is leaking because it is beginning to rust. The installation of a liner will prolong the life of the tank; however it will not stop the rusting. Over time, as the rust increases, the tank walls will weaken and will eventually give way. Without the structure of the tank walls, the liner will rupture. If there is a large volume of water in the tank when the liner ruptures, damage could occur to nearby buildings or structures. For a steel tank that has begun to rust, a liner is a short term (10 year maximum) solution.

Tank Re-Roofing

Depending on the condition of the tank, it can be possible to fit a new roof. We use hot dipped galvanised roof trusses and when possible full length roof sheets. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.


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