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Fire Protection Tanks

Water tanks for fighting bushfires are required in many areas in South Australia. According to the SA Government Minister’s Specifications SA 78 , water tanks used for fighting bush fires and designated bushfire tanks must be made of non-combustible material. Aquaplate steel and galvanised steel tanks are both non-combustible and therefore approved for use. Poly water tanks and fibreglass water tanks are not compliant as fire fighting tanks.

The capacity of the rainwater tank and the fittings required will depend on the BAL rating. If unsure, please check with your local council or building regulations. Water tanks can be supplied with bucket height taps, 50mm outlets and ball valves and CFS Storz fittings to ensure your tank is compliant with regulations.

We can also supply petrol and diesel fire fighting pumps, steel pump covers, 36m fire hoses with reels and Fire Water signage.

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Fire fighting fittings

Depending on your council requirements and BAL rating, fittings for fire fighting tanks can range from a bucket height tap ( located approx. 400mm from ground level) to a CFS fire fighting outlet. For fire fighting tanks, all outlets are non-combustible, non rusting zinc alloy with strong compression fitting with washers and zinc alloy flanges, ensuring the tank is fully compliant with current regulations.

Fire fighting accessories

We can supply a range of additional accessories to assist with compliance with fire fighting regulations including petrol and diesel fire fighting pumps, 36m fire hoses and reels, custom made non-combustible steel fire pump covers and FIRE WATER signage.

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