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Traditional steel rainwater Tanks

Our traditional rainwater tanks are manufactured to order and can be made in either Z600 galvanised steel or Aquaplate® steel. Sizes range from 460Lts to 28,863Lts.

Our steel tanks are manufactured using steel rivets, which is the strongest way to construct a tank.

It is vital that a tank is situated on a suitable pad. Remember that 1 litre of water equals 1kg so even a small tank of around 500 litres will weigh 500kg! Therefore, your new tank will require a stable, flat surface. This can be a reinforced concrete pad or compacted dolomite/ crusher dust.

All fittings are located in the tank to suit your requirements and tanks come standard with one x 25mm outlet, one 90mm overflow and one x inlet with cover in roof of tank.
Fittings can be installed in tanks to suit stormwater retention / detention requirements. See our fittings and accessories

Galvanised rainwater tanks

Traditional galvanised tanks are manufactured using only top quality BlueScope Blue Orb Z600 Steel and are riveted and silicon sealed. A galvanised tank is only suitable for the storage of rainwater and requires malthoid matting, included in the price of the tank, to protect the base of the tank.

Aquaplate® water Tanks

Aquaplate was developed by BlueScope Steel specifically for the water storage market. The steel has a food grade polymer skin bonded on its internal surface meaning the steel does not come in contact with the water. We use double sided Aquaplate for the base of our tanks, so there is no need to put down malthoid matting under an Aquaplate tank.

Aquaplate Complies with Australian Standards on use of materials for food contact use and potable water, as per the Australian Standard (AS 4020).

Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks come with the peace of mind of a full 20 Year Warranty through BlueScope Steel.

Available in a range of Colorbond® colours or traditional galvanised , Aquaplate® water tanks are riveted and silicon sealed. Please note that the top of an Aquaplate® tank is made from galvanised steel and is not coloured steel. Aquaplate  Aquaplate Data Sheet

Your Choice of Colours!

Rainwater tank colours

Paper Bark

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Rainwater tank colours 3

Pale Eucalypt

Rainwater tank colours 4

Woodland Grey

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