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Tank fittings and Accessories

Unlike many brands of poly tanks that are made using a mould, our steel tanks are individually, custom built at our Mount Compass workshop. Tanks come standard with one x 25mm outlet and one x 90mm overflow. Outlets and overflows are corrugated so fit snuggly against the wall of the tank ensuring an efficient seal. In the roof of the tank is an access point with a metal flat sheet cover. All fittings are located in the tank to suit individual plumbing requirements.

Tank outlets are manufactured from UV stabilised Glass Filled Nylon. These fittings are extremely strong when compared with typical plastic fittings and include moulded corrugated sealing rubbers. A range of robust metal ball valves are available. They have a full bore offering unrestricted full flow, stainless-steel handles and are AS4020 approved.

Basket filters are an excellent way of ensuring leaf debris and other foreign material ( such as dead birds, frogs or rodents) are kept out of your tank. Our quality basket filters are a two-part system comprising of a lower half designed to keep out light, and an upper part that has a fine mesh to catch any debris. Basket filters do need periodic cleaning to be able to function efficiently; simply lift out the upper part containing the mesh filter, and clean out any debris.

Fire fighting fittings

Depending on your council requirements and BAL rating, fittings for fire fighting tanks can range from a bucket height tap ( located approx. 400mm from ground level) to a CFS fire fighting outlet. For fire fighting tanks, all outlets are non-combustible, non rusting zinc alloy with strong compression fitting with washers and zinc alloy flanges, ensuring the tank is fully compliant with current regulations.

Fire fighting accessories

We can supply a range of additional accessories to assist with compliance with fire fighting regulations including petrol and diesel fire fighting pumps, 36m fire hoses and reels, custom made non-combustible steel fire pump covers and FIRE WATER signage.