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Rainbow Tank

About 25 years ago, we were looking for an eye catching and unique way to incorporate the use of a tank to promoting our business. The concept was to have a tank sign written up that could then be used as mobile advertising board moved around on the back of a ute or a trailer.

The aim was to connect rain and rainwater tanks together and the symbolism of rainbows, rain and rainwater was perfect.

Over the years our rainbow tank has made many appearances including at Wilpena Under The Stars, The Adelaide Fringe Festival and The Tour Down Under and the rainbow tank was regularly positioned on the roadside in Mount Compass until we received a phone call from our local council in 2017 informing us that we had to immediately remove our rainbow tank and we were not permitted to continue to use it to promote our business. We attempted to negotiate with council but were initially told there was no room for negation over the decision. The immediate backlash from the local and wider community was overwhelming and an online petition was started by an amazing young woman, Tash. Thousands of people from around Australia and the world signed the petition for us to be allowed to have our rainbow tank back on the roadside. After months of negotiating with both local and state government, our rainbow tank was granted permission to be allowed back on the roadside.