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Australian map made of steel Trying to compare rainwater tanks on the market and work out price differences??? Our Australian Aquaplate steel is produced to Australian potable water standards. Some imported steel does not meet standards. Our galvanised steel is Z600, specifically manufactured in Australia for rainwater tanks. Cheaper Z450 galvanised steel is not intended for rainwater tanks. Not all steel tanks are equal in quality.

Tank Articles

Offering independant information on rainwater tanks. Each article opens in pdf format in its own browser. If you don't have a pdf viewer installed you can download one for free from here.

Buyers Guide to Tanks
sourced from: Sustainable Gardening Australia

Bushfire CRC Update: Tanks on Trial for Home Defence
sourced from:

Bushfire CRC: Research and Investigation Into the Performance of Rain Water Tanks in Bushfires
sourced from:

Tanks Bring Flood of Savings
News clipped Source: Adelaide Advertiser, 30 October 2009, p.13

Rain Water Tanks - Life Cycle Analysis
This article was sourced from Bluescope Water:

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Household Water Consumption and Conservation Actions
source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Rainwater Tanks Buying Guide